Boxing Day 2014 Round-up

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Welcome to the new home of GameDealsCanada. If you’re looking for the Boxing Day 2014 Round-up page, please click the image above.

If you have comments, questions or concerns about the deals posted, please leave them below.



Welcome to

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Seasons greetings and welcome to our new home!

This site was created with the intention of hosting Black Friday and Boxing Day round-ups. The aim was to create a round-up page where deal seekers can find the deals they care about. We created a page that gives people the ability to sort and filter deals down to price points, stores, and platforms that are relevant to them.

We essentially created a round-up page that we’ve always wanted.


Filter the way you want

Simply sorting by store, price, or platform wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to create something that would allow our users to select multiple stores and multiple platforms.

If you own a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One but only live near a FutureShop and EB Games, you can enter that criteria and create a deals page curated just for you.


See it. Buy it.

It’s easy to miss out on what interests you in a wall of text. With the new round-up page, we’ve incorporated box art images for every deal to help users quickly identify deals of interest. For desktop users, we’ll also reveal the store logo when you mouse over a deal.

When possible, we’ve included direct links (that will open in a new window) to products. If the specific retailer doesn’t have an online store, we’ve included links to their official webpage where you can find their flyer.


Just the beginning

This is just the beginning. We’re happy with what we’ve created so far but we’re open to suggestions and will evolve the page as it makes sense. In the meantime, we hope you find this page useful.


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