As you can tell from this site, we’re not artists. However, we are fans of people’s work and are open to featuring the works of talented artists out there.  So if you’re looking to get more eyes on your work, looking to show off your talents or feeling generous, feel free to submit a banner for our weekly round-ups.

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for thematically relevant banners for our weekly round-ups.

For example, during the winter months, we would like to feature snow themed banners. Or when it’s Valentine’s Day week, we could feature a relevant “love” themed banner. Or you can surprise us and pitch whatever you believe may be relevant for the week. We’re flexible.

Your work will be featured on the front page of, the Deals page and the accompanying News post.

We’re looking for two image files. Here are the dimensions:

  • Front page, Deals page: At least 1920px in width and a maximum of 1080px in height
  • News post: At least 1140px in width and a maximum of 500px in height

Please leave some space for us to place the weekly “Deals”, “News” and “Discuss” links. We can include the date text but you can incorporate your own if you wish. However, please be advised that we may not select your submission for that particular week and may ask for you to adjust the date for future round-ups.

What you get out of this:

Your work is featured on! We’ll also include a link to your portfolio, site and/or social media info — essentially whatever you wish to promote (within reason, of course). We’ll also include a blurb from you about your piece if you provide one.

What’s the deadline?

If you wish to have your work considered for the upcoming week, please submit your work by the end of Wednesday. We wish to have a day to prep the banners for the weekly round-up.

Where you send your banners:

Send your submissions to

Why your submission wasn’t featured:

We’re not artists but we know what we like and what will fit the site/week best.

Here are the two possible reasons why your submission wasn’t featured:

1. It’s not thematically relevant.
2. It’s not a good fit for our site due to subject matter, content and/or quality.

What happens if we don’t get any submissions

Then we’ll continue searching for game related media to serve as our backgrounds and overlay text! Again, we’re not artists, just people who can cobble things together. 🙂