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Week of Apr 2 – 8 Round-up

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What do I know of Outriders? It’s a video game made by the people who brought the world Painkiller, People Can Fly. There was a demo out that folks thought were pretty good. It’s also coming out on Xbox Game Pass which means I can give it a go if it ever catches on.

April 2021 Gold Games

Games With Gold

Xbox One

  • Vikings: Wolves of Midgard
  • Truck Racing Championship

Xbox 360 & Xbox One

  • Dark Void
  • Hard Corps: Uprising

April 2021 Plus Games

Instant Game Collection

PlayStation 5

  • Oddworld: Soulstorm

PlayStation 4

  • Days Gone
  • Zombie Army 4: Dead War

April 2021 Games With Prime

Twitch Prime

  • The Escapists
  • Move or Die – Couch Party Edition
  • Before I Forget
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics
  • Escape Machine City: Airborne
  • Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron
  • Moving Out
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