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Deal Price Tracking Enabled

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It took longer than we wanted but Deal Price Tracking was finally installed. This feature is ideal for people who are waiting for deals to become cheaper.

When you track/subscribe to a deal, you will be notified via e-mail if the deal falls below your desired price. All you have to do is click “Track Price”, enter an email address, and enter the price you are looking for.

Please Note: This feature is currently in beta. Please report any issues to contact@gamedealscanada.com or leave a reply on this post.

Why can’t I track deals for all games and all stores right now?

GameDealsCanada has nearly 800 deals in its database and for legibility, ease of use, and ease of operation, we chose to only display active deals. So for now, you will only be able to start tracking active deals.

Will my deal continue to be price tracked when it is no longer visible on the Deals page?

Yes. Your price tracking subscription will notify you when it goes on sale at your desired price.

Deal subscriptions will be removed when the retailer no longer carries the item or the product has been decommissioned. (ie: annual sports titles)

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