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Week of May 18 – 24 Round-up

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Here is my third chance to pick up a version of Hyrule Warriors. It will also be the third time that I will pass on this spin-off. Warriors/musou’ games have their fans and I’m glad they continue to be served with fun crossovers like this. I don’t know many franchises out there who get their favorite franchises featured with a gameplay system that they enjoy. One could argue that its a “simple re-skin” but I think that’s selling this game short. If it was such a shallow experience that nobody liked, it wouldn’t see releases on 3 different platforms. 

Here’s Something I Missed

The 9 year anniversary of Game Deals Canada was May 1! And I completely forgot about it!

To celebrate, here’s a $50 Amazon.ca Gift Card giveaway!

You have until May 24, 2018 8PM ET / 6PM PT to enter.

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