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Week of Feb 2 – 8 Round-up

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I dabbled in the Monster Hunter: World beta and thought it would be a fun time for my bro and I. Unfortunately, it debuted alongside the likes of Dragon Ball FighterZ and I made my choice. I do see myself playing Monster Hunter World in the future but I’m uncertain which platform I will be skinning dinosaurs on. I expect a competent PC port in Q3/Q4 2018 but will I have the appetite to play it when newer titles make their debut in that timeframe? Who knows?

February 2017 Plus Games

Instant Game Collection

PlayStation 4

  • Knack
  • RiME
  • Grand Kingdom

PlayStation 3

  • Spelunker HD
  • Mugen Souls Z

PlayStation Vita

  • Exiled End
  • Grand Kingdom
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