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Week of Jun 24 – 26 Round-up

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Star Ocean is one of those franchises that I should like. I’m a fan of science fiction. I like real-time battle systems. So why haven’t I checked out this series? The Super Famicom release was my first exposure to the series and was famous in the early days of the SNES emulation scene for being one of the biggest ROMs available along with the fact that it was translated. I recall downloading it, trying it out to make sure it works but never touched it again. The next opportunity came via the Xbox 360 release, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which just looked ghastly to me. And next week, I will have another opportunity to check out this long running series with the release of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness but its art style continues the trend of being atrociously unappealing to me. 

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