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Amazon.ca 101

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Did you know Amazon has a price matching feature? Did you see a deal posted only to check the site for yourself and see a completely different price? Hopefully, this post will shed some light on the less than obvious features of Amazon.

Sold By: Amazon.ca vs Third Party Resellers

A screenshot that was taken & shared often on GameDealsCanada's Twitter
A screenshot that was taken & shared often on GameDealsCanada’s Twitter

Don’t see the sale price? The deal may not be expired and you could be looking at a third party listing. Be sure to check the right side for “Sold by: Amazon.ca”.

Amazon’s Price Matching Reporting Feature

Amazon has a halfhearted price matching feature. On product page’s details section, you can find a link that says “tell us about a lower price?”. Click on it, fill out the form and hope Amazon adjusts the product’s price sooner rather than later. They won’t notify you of the change so you’ll just have to check back later to see if they adjusted the price.

Amazon.ca - Price Reporting
Amazon.ca – Price Reporting

It’s not the price matching feature we’re expecting but it’s better than nothing.


Release Date Delivery

Only certain items are eligible for Amazon’s Release Date Delivery.

Here’s how you can quickly tell if an item is eligible:

Amazon.ca - No Release Date Delivery
Amazon.ca – No Release Date Delivery Option


Amazon.ca - Release Date Delivery
Amazon.ca – Release Date Delivery Option

If you pre-order an eligible item as an Amazon Prime member, “Release Date Delivery” is automatically selected.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you’ll have to select “Two-Day Shipping” and pay the additional shipping fee.

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