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A Credit Card Without Currency Conversion Fees

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Update: This credit card is no longer available.

Sometimes you just need to buy stuff in USD, JPY or some currency that’s not the CAD. At the time of writing, the CAD is trading for $0.78 USD but you’ll be hard pressed to find a means to trade your hard earned CAD at the posted rate. Most credit cards, banks and other money services charge a conversion fee which may only amount to a few pennies on a Humble Bundle purchase but could end up being several dollars for larger purchases.

You can avoid conversion fees with the Amazon.ca Rewards Visa by JP Morgan Chase:


  • Get a $20 Amazon.ca Gift Certificate instantly upon credit card approval
  • Earn 2% cash back per $1 spent on Amazon.ca
  • Earn 1% cash back per $1 spent everywhere else your card is accepted
  • No Foreign Currency Transaction Fees*
  • No annual fee

This is a great travel and international shopping credit card but managing it is a bit cumbersome if you haven’t dealt with a JP Morgan Chase credit card before.

  • You check transactions at Chase Canada Online
  • It takes a day or two for transactions to appear on the site
  • You have to add the credit card as a payee with your bank to make payments
  • No paperless billing option

Caveats aside, this is a solid credit card and the go to option for those who wish to avoid paying unnecessary fees.

You can apply for one at Amazon.ca’s Credit Card Marketplace.

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