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Week of Jul 17 – 23 Round-up

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Journey is making its way to the PlayStation 4 next week. The PlayStation 3 version was my 2012 game of the year because it made me feel things, man. Like anger and stuff. Seriously though, it’s a game that everyone should sit down and play from beginning to end. I would get the PlayStation 4 version but since I own the game on disc, I’m not eligible for the free version.

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About that Amazon.ca Prime Day

So Amazon.ca’s Prime Day was essentially a bust for the majority of people. Nothing mind blowing popped up throughout the day for video games category or in any other category for that matter. And anytime something decent appeared, people were quick to buy it up.

I wouldn’t have paid $79.99 for Prime Day. Hell, I wouldn’t even redeem my free trial for it.

I wonder how Amazon will respond next year. I wonder if they’ll even hold another one. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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