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Week of Jun 12 – 18 Round-up

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E3 2015 is just around the corner which means new announcements and E3 promotions. On the games front, I’m hoping to see more titles for 2015. For the deals front, let’s hope Amazon.ca launches their own promotion and let’s hope that it edges out BestBuy’s offer. 

Want to submit a banner of your own? Check out this page.

It’s Over 5000

The GameDealsCanada Twitter just broke the 5000 follower mark. Thanks, everybody!

Summer Sales Begin for PC

GamersGate, GOG and Amazon.com have already started their summer sales but everyone was waiting for the grand daddy of them all, Steam’s which started yesterday.

Be sure to check daily but also be mindful and don’t pull the trigger on sales that aren’t part of the daily flash sales. They might just end up being a flash sale later on. If you mess up, don’t forget you can now get refunds on Steam.

  1. GoldenDiamond

    I found a loophole with Amazon’s E3SAVE20 and E3SAVE30: if you only want 2 of the games (or even 1) you can still order 3 games and return the ones you don’t want and get the 30% off.

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