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Week of May 22 – 28 Round-up

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Splatoon launches late next week. I’ve heard good things coming out of those Global Testfires. I would have tried it myself but the restrictive 1-hour test sessions didn’t work out for me. I’m curious how well it will do for Nintendo. If I’m not mistaken, this is their first new IP for the Nintendo Wii U and they seem very keen on it. 

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Deals Ahoy

There were a lot of deals last week and many of them continue this week. Some were expected like Assassin’s Creed: Unity for $29.99 but I didn’t expect the likes of Bloodborne to go on sale for $39.99 so soon.

Then there’s the VISA Checkout promotion over at Indigo which is almost too good to pass up if you’re in the market for any console at the moment.

It almost makes up for the fact that new releases are $79.99. Almost.

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