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Week of May 1 – 7 Round-up

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The standalone expansion for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is coming out next week. And I just loved this screenshot for the Nazi fleeing from bats and the other’s disdain for that poor rat. I loved Wolfenstein: The New Order so I’ll definitely pick up The Old Blood. It’s just a matter of when.

Want to submit a banner of your own? Check out this page.

$79.99 Games Are Definitely a Reality

Just in case you didn’t believe new releases were going to $79.99 back in March, Electronic Arts and Activision have made it loud and clear that new titles will be $79.99. Both Star Wars: Battlefront and Call of Duty: Black Ops III is $79.99 across retail and digital stores.

It’s too bad we no longer get Canadian NPD numbers because I would really like to know how these prices will affect sales figures of these high profile titles.

6 Year Anniversary Giveaway

I nearly forgot about this. Today is the sixth anniversary of GameDealsCanada! To celebrate, here’s a $50 Amazon.ca Gift Card giveaway.

All you have to do is leave a comment below and a random winner will be unveiled on next week’s news post. Good luck!

  • Mike

    Man, I love your site.[Just wish there were more, and better, deals. Seriously. Most of the “deals” I see are places jacking up the price $20 and then offering $10 off. Wow! But hey, that’s not your fault.] Keep up the good work!

  • Thomas C

    Thank you for the awesome deal notifications!

  • Bryan

    Congrats on 6 years!

  • KC2033

    Wow 6 years! keep up the awesome work.

  • Mathieu Soucy


  • Darklol

    You guys rock ! Keep the good work.

  • Veraboyz Gaming

    Love you guys!!! actually have helped me save so much money in the past! couldnt have done it without your help!

  • Brad


  • Matt Neville

    You are a gentleman and a scholar!

  • Navster15

    You guys have saved me so much money over the years. Here’s hoping for another 6 years!

  • Matt Skinner

    Thanks for all the work you put in, congratulations on 6 years!

  • Aqil D.

    Thanks for doing this. Its been a huge help over the past year after purchasing a PS4, Wii U and a 3DS. I’ve easily saved over 200$ thanks to this.

  • T Hosking

    Happy anniversary. If i win the gift certificate, I love you long time. Well love you longer time cause you’re pretty awesome anyway.

  • Rick Bertuzzi

    Appreciate the service you provide and congrats on the 6 year anniversary!

  • James Hillinger

    Thank you for keeping us up to date!

  • Eric

    Qam sharing

  • Nicole C.

    Congrats on your anniversary!

    I’m pretty sure it’s cheaper to just buy games in the US at this point. That $79.99 price tag is awful.

  • Harrison Funnell

    I hope I win the gift card:D congrats on 6 years!

  • g_comtois

    Thanks guys, I saw great deal from U, that help me save a lot off $$$

  • Ronnie Corporon

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • David Burns

    I usually comment via Twitter, and enjoy your feed. I don’t even know how much money you have saved me, but thank you. Fingers crossed for the $50. As an aside, the $80 price tag is ridiculous. I will not buy games at full price if they’re $70-80. No pre orders for me. I only hope more do the same and send a message to EA et al.

  • Vie Bht

    I hope they’ll be making adjustments to that price tag sooner rather than later.

  • loneprodigy


  • Alex Boudreau-Audet

    Long live to Game Deals Canada and congratulations for the first 6 years! 😉

  • Ben Horne

    Prices are ridiculous, this just means no more impulse buying, but rather carefully choosing what I want and not buying every single game that looks fun

  • Zim Zen

    Peasant me needs this gift card XD

  • Warren Gordon

    Would love to win!! 🙂

  • Michael Surya

    Thank you for giving me great deals for 6 years!

  • Liz

    Bleh I’m wondering if it’s just these two games that are going to be higher priced as the new lego game is a fair price.

  • Andre P.

    Thanks for all the awesome work you do

  • Christopher Summerfield

    6 years? I wish I’d have found you guys sooner!

  • briancotie

    Congratulations on 6 years!

  • Raphael Cuyugan

    With that price tag, it’s much better now to buy them in the US when you’re there. They even have frequent price drops there too. Thanks Harper. ????

  • Vanouchou

    Thanks for the contest!
    With the new Canadian price, I think I’ll buy my games in France and ask a friend to ship it to Canada. The first week games are sold 45€, so with shipping it’ll cost me 65$ instead of 90$ (79,99$+taxes) or I’ll buy it on the European ps store…

  • Nirvana

    I have recommended this site to everyone I know. Thanks for all your work.

  • Colin Ayin

    Great contest guys. Love the site and the commitment to saving money for the gaming community

  • Jean-Philippe Boucher

    I love this site and your twitter account alerts! Keep the good work guys! 🙂

  • hupla

    Been loving you on twitter for over a year and the site is awesome! thanks for doing a cool giveaway and always posting the hot deals!

  • AJsuperstar

    I love reading the site for gaming deals!
    Thank you for working so hard to let everyone know!
    The $50 gift card would be a nice summer gift!

  • Estelle Scalzo

    amazing work keep going !!

  • Tyler Olson

    I check your site daily. Awesome work and thanks for all you do.

  • Richard Marginson

    Thanks for all you do with the site! You’ve helped a lot of folks save a bunch of cash 🙂

  • Carl segin

    Thanks for all the deals!

  • ScottieMick

    Happy 6th!!

  • Jonathan Laberge

    80$ for a game?? no way. I will wait until @gamedealscanada shows the titles I want on sale. EA is so bad, they already make their used games almost useless with online disabled. Not sure if they realize.. a PS4 will then cost about the same as 5 games.. that’s ridiculous. ~~~also ~~~ would love that 50$ 🙂

  • Mike Tompson

    I have no shame…. I’m only here for the $50

  • Nathan Hudson

    Thanks for the help posting deals up North =^^=

  • RLPV

    Happy 6th anniversary! I check each week for great info on deals. Keep up the great work.

  • Cirion.

    Happy 6th anniversary

  • Hugo Girard

    Congratulations on your 6th anniversary

  • Amkof

    $80 is just terrible news, back to pc gaming and waiting for big price drops for me.

  • Brian Potter

    Congratulations on your sixth anniversary

  • Man, $80 plus tax plus seasons passes, we’re looking at $120+ for new games now.

    With everything needing patches and fixes, maybe waiting a little while for them to drop to $40 isn’t such a bad idea.

  • Steve Rogers

    Thanks to you i have saved so much money, thank you so much:) For more years to come for Game deals canada

  • emgeejay

    Thanks for the updates!

  • Cory Callow

    Grats on the anniversary! Very happy I found your twitter account 😀

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    Happy 6th Anniversary!

  • Shadow

    Happy 6th anniversary!

  • shrimpdude

    Has it been six years already? I remember when GDC was just a wee Twitter feed. 🙂

  • Graham McLeod

    Excellent on the 6 years. Congrats!

  • Tyler Ohlew

    Thanks so much for sticking with this for 6 years! Been super helpful, I can’t imagine all the money you’ve saved me. You’re the best!

  • 6 years already wow

  • Chris Neves

    Happy 6th Anniversary! The website has been helpful to roundup all the deals across stores even if they have been poor as of late and BOO for $79.99 price tags

  • David Cheung

    Happy 6th anniversary!

  • Camil Bouzidi

    This is getting insane. Thanks to guys like you we hopefully won’t have to buy games at full price. BTW Witcher 3 is 54$ if you preorder it digitally on Xbox One!

  • {JPM}

    6 years! I had no idea

  • Hadi Abu Al Hawa

    In those 6 years you’ve made me save a lot of money. Thank you and congratulations!

  • Mavrick

    Guess I’ll be waiting for more sales and sites like yours will be viewed more regularly. Thanks for posting all the deals over the years.

  • Achtius

    Happy Anniversary! Didn’t found out about this site until last year, and this site is all I use now.

  • Emir.Bala

    Really does suck seeing games being 80$ now…This just means I’ll have to wait for sales on games more often, but I guess it’s a good thing I follow you guys on Twitter lol.

  • Daryl Ledda

    I guess I’ll start catch up on my backlog while I wait for a good deals to come up

  • harpoonGill

    happy 6th!

  • Mathieu Blanchette

    But… IT’S BECAUSE OUR DOLLAR IS LOW! …yeah right. Greedy at its best.

  • Alan Smithee

    Happy 6th Anniversary!

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    Happy 6th Anniversary!

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  • disqus_BHK06oTHyv

    Here’s to many more Canadian deals!

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    Happy 6 years! You’ve been on my phone for a long time and hopefully will for, at least, another 6 years!

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  • Geoff Wira

    Thanks for everything you do to keep my habit going!

  • mangoesrepent

    I wouldn’t say no to $50. That’s like half a game! 😉

  • Su Yin

    Fingers crossed!

  • Aalvi Saleh

    Hope I win, I really want Bloodborne

  • Rizah

    Thanks for the contest. You’ve saved me lots of money over the years 🙂

  • Paul

    Keep up the good work!

  • Chris

    Thanks for the heads up on so many deals! You’ve probably made me spend more than I otherwise would have, haha!

  • SickBoy

    Congrats on the six years!

    On game prices, I tweeted this in July about $70 games, after NPD tweeted some Canadian data:
    “Game prices up 16% for most titles in Canada. New console tie ratio down 11%. What an odd coincidence.”

    They responded in a pair of tweets:
    @IckBoy We have seen an increase in games price in Canada, but I’m not sure it’s a major factor.
    @IckBoy The US tie ratio is also down. The US decrease is even more significant, which is reflective of a more active digital download mkt

    So I would guess they might question whether it’s moved the meter much… but I think at $80, you’re going to see sales numbers shifting a bit. Especially relative to the U.S.

  • I like contests!

  • Jessie Koula

    check the website daily and love it. happy 6 years!

  • Tyler Smart

    Thank you for putting on this contest! 🙂

  • Jordan Roberts

    Completely agree, the $79.99 price tag for new games is absolutely insane. At least this makes me rethink every single new game purchase I will be making for the rest of my life. Say goodbye to random impulse buys, sorry gaming industry 🙁

  • Noel Gomes

    Really appreciate the twitter updates! CHEERS FROM GAF !

  • JacobMcCourt

    80 dollar games blow… GameDealsCanada rules. #nuffsaid

  • Christopher Ewing

    Half of my new games come from the news posted by this site. Thanks!

  • Naynay Deadly

    Happy Anniversary! Great site! Thanks for posting deals!

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    Always appreciate your twitter and GAF posts and always check the site on Fridays while wasting time at work. Thanks for all you’ve done.

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    Always check your site, I appreciate your work! Keep it up.

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    Game deals hurts my wallet by showing me amazing deals.


    Hey man your twitter feed and GAF posts really help me out. Love the site.

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    The RFD of video games!

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    Thanks for all of your hard work providing this great service, I’ve come to rely on it!

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    Great website.You have been a big help to me.Happy birthday!

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    Seriously eh? Thanks for the deals and links! I got my Zelda new 3ds and MGS5TPP CE because of you all !

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    Woo! Thank you so much for all the deals over the years. Happy Anniversary!

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    There’s always the smaller, more focused games out there, along with sales, older games with mods, and indie games.

  • strange creature

    Congratulations on the 6 years anniversary! Wish you all the best, keep up the great work!

  • Dan Staskevicius

    Happy anniversary, many more! Love what you’ve been doing!

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    Happy anniversary! Keep up the great work. You’re the only light we have in finding deals in Canada anymore.

  • S.

    Happy anniversary! Thanks for all the work you put in

  • Been following you since the beginning. Love the site! Keep up the good work!

  • Christian Laviolette

    A moment ago we could buy a game with that 50$ card.. now we still have 41.97$ to pay (PQ resident)…

  • Umar Mohammed

    lets win dat 50$

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    I’ve used you guys for the past 2 or 3 years and I’ve saved so much money from the deals and tips you post. Thank you.

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    I love Game Deals Canada!

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  • Happy 6th Anniversary! I use this site a lot!

  • Love this website. I would love to submit a banner some time. Keep up the great work.


  • baconcow

    Happy 6th anniversary!

  • Sébastien Ringuette

    Happy Anniversary! We should really start some kind of petition about those prices. The exchange rate is slowly going up but so are game prices. Now even Season Pass (Arkham Knight) are now more expensive.

  • SuperSpy

    6 years and you’ve never been needed more than now!

  • Guibsx

    Has it been 6 years already, Grats! You made us all save a lot of money. thanks again!

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    $50! Half a game here I come!

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    Used GameDealsCanada to buy a Dualshock 4 today, love this site.

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    It’s funny how this page brings Canadians together! 😀

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    Awesome stuff. I somehow have been following for years and only learned that you do a weekly roundup about a month ago. I’m an idiot! Good luck everyone!

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    thank you for this site!

    i’ll be watching closely!


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  • Bill Kirou
    • Stage on

      Congratulations on the birthday! I’m currently boycotting buying anything from EA, with the dollar slowly going back up they can shove it for continuing to try and raise game prices past par

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