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Week of Mar 27 – Apr 2 Round-up

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Check out the wet butt of this Aston Martin Vantage. It’s from upcoming driving simulator, Project Cars. I have no intention on picking it up (primarily because I don’t know much about it) but I wanted to use it in order to segue into this beautiful Top Gear video. Pour one out for the controversial BBC show. I’ll miss it.

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A Good Time To Pick Up Consoles?

The console hardware promotions have been popping up frequently over the last couple of weeks. Microsoft and retailers were offering free game and discounts on numerous bundles throughout the March break. Sony’s PlayStation 4 offered numerous free games but we haven’t seen a straight slashing until this week. This is the first discount on PlayStation 4 consoles in 2015 but the sad reality is: they merely cut the price down to launch prices.

Microsoft’s Xbox One features more aggressive promotions, yesterday FutureShop was offering $50 off Xbox One Assassin’s Creed console bundles and included a $50 Xbox Live! card. If you missed that, the Microsoft Store is offering its own $50 discount along with a free controller.

If you’re itching to join the latest generation, it’s not a terrible time to pick up a console. I hear that Bloodborne is pretty rad.


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