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Week of Mar 20 – 26 Round-up

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This week’s image is from the upcoming game, Bloodborne. I skipped Dark Souls II but I’ll be there on day one for Bloodborne. I sincerely hope the technical issues are virtually non-existent. But considering From Software’s history with the Souls series, I’m keeping expectations in check.

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$79.99 games are a reality

It was just a few weeks ago when we were all staring blankly at $74.99 price tags. And now we’re seeing titles like Omega Quintet and Disgaea 5 priced at $79.99 at EB Games.

Disgaea 5 - 80 MSRP Omega Quintet - 80 MSRP

I’m not disgusted. I’m actually amused with the fact that publishers and retailers have the balls to price these titles so high. They believe people will actually pay and I bet some will. Hopefully only the 15 or so people who have already rated those games 4/5 stars on EB Games site will actually do so. Everyone else should vote with their wallets and wait for lower price points.

Remember $59.99? Those were good times.

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