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Week of Mar 13 – 19 Round-up

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This week’s image is from the upcoming game, Battlefield: Hardline. I’m a fan of Battlefield and its shenanigans but I wasn’t keen on what I saw of Hardline. I’m also perfectly content with Battlefield 4 which just received a large patch that brought it up to par. Let’s hope the next Battlefield they announce is either Battlefield 5 or another Bad Company.

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There’s not much news this week but there are plenty of deals — especially if you’re looking into picking up an Xbox One. I’d personally take advantage of the Amazon.ca offer with the $50 credit but I already own an Xbox One. I’m also ashamed to admit that I have yet to play a single game on it.

I own a copy of Sunset Overdrive and I will eventually play it, I just feel bad for treating it like my neglected PS Vita. If you think a backlog of games is bad, how about a backlog of consoles?

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