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Week of Jan. 9 – 15 Round-up

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This week’s image is from The Witcher 3. Looking forward to this on PlayStation 4 since my PC isn’t up to snuff. 

Want to submit a banner of your own? Check out this page.

The Battle of Walmart: Website vs Store

Please be advised that Walmart’s deals aren’t always available online. Fortunately you can check your local store’s stock from the product page.

Enjoy your weekend and leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns.

  1. DJ Spade

    The Witcher 3… I don’t know if it’s ever coming out… I won a copy during the Steam Summer sale last year and it’s been in my library ever since and keeps getting pushed back more and more… from September, to November, to March, now May… looking forward to playing it sometime!

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